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Friday, April 19, 2013

All About Moonshine

"Moonshining as a trade, required only a few materials. Like other forms of alcohol distillation, it is quite simple in theory, yet difficult in practice. The four main ingredients include grain (usually corn meal, but sometimes wheat or rye), sugar, yeast, and water. Many recipes for moonshine exist but the essentials are to mix one quart of corn meal and one quart of  corn malt (sprouted corn) with five gallons of water. Allow this to ferment for seven days. One of the more colorful moonshiners in this area for many years was Le Roy Slaven (1916-1987). Le Roy learned to make shine from his father Cal and began drinking at age 16. He made moonshine with Jurdan Boyatt Jr. using Cal’s recipe for moonshine which is:

1 gallon - of Red Top Molasses
1 – 40 lb. bag of seed corn, soaked to swell up and after sprouting ground up into a mash.
25 lb. of sugar set all in a 55 gal. Barrel filled 2/3 full of water until fermented.
At this point the mash was cooked, the alcohol was driven off and then condensed and collected.

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